“Our guests were blown away…”

I just wanted to follow up and thank you for executing a flawless wedding for us! Our guests were blown away by how smoothly it went. Numerous people came up to us saying, “there is always something that goes wrong at every wedding, but I don’t think there was one thing at this one!” We had lots of moving pieces with tons of speeches and additional vendors, and your team handled it perfectly. Additionally, we had such a blast ourselves and truly enjoyed every moment, which is a testament to great coordinators and staff behind the scenes. I personally appreciated all of your time and responsiveness throughout the process – you were truly a pleasure to work with. Your staff was incredible, and I particularly want to thank the woman who was staffed to take care of our food and beverage all night – she was amazing and we never had to ask for anything. Even our pup, Louie, was well fed! Thank you again for a great event!

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