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The next chapter in your love story of a lifetime

HitchedConstellation Culinary Group is thrilled to invite you to start the next chapter of forever at the Curtis Atrium with the “The History of Us”, a new contest where couples share their love story for a chance to win their wedding compliments of Constellation Culinary Group, with renowned food and beverage and venue included. The Curtis Atrium is located in the heart of Philadelphia history, and we’d like to hear about your relationship’s love history – the story of what makes you and your partner uniquely you.

To enter, couples must create a Pinterest board titled “The History of Us” where you can paint a portrait of your adventures – from throwback photos and favorite places, to special songs and memories. Then email the link to your board to historyofUS@constellationculinary.com.

Those who submit are also invited to share their board to Instagram, tagging the Curtis Atrium and Constellation Culinary Group using the hashtag #hitchedweddingcontest. The contest runs through January 15th, 2020, at which point one lucky couple will be announced on the Curtis Atrium’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Full information about how to enter, as well as rules and regulations below.


  1. Show the history of you and your fiancé using Pinterest. Create a new board and title it “The History of Us.” Then upload your favorite memories (places, songs, stories, etc.) Paint a digital picture of the history of your love. Make sure the link is set to public.
  2. Email the link to your board to historyofUS@constellationculinary.com
  3. Along with your email, be sure to include:
    a. First and last names of both of you
    b. When you got engaged
    c. What city/ town you live in
  4. (Optional) Share a post about your board on your Instagram page using the hashtag #hitchedcontest, and tagging @byconstellation and @thecurtisatrium
  5. Leave your board up through the end of the contest on January 15th. One lucky couple will win an expense paid wedding at The Curtis Atrium, which includes:
    • Venue Rental
    • Constellation Food and Beverage Package (Maximum value of $50,000/ Minimum 100 guests, Maximum 200 guests)


    Winner to be announced through the Curtis Atrium social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) at 12:00pm EST. on Monday, January 27th, and winner will be notified via email.

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For any additional questions or inquiries, please contact hello@thecurtisatrium.com